Virtual assistant jobs for beginners

We are looking for VAs to work with our team

virtual assistant jobs that pay good money

More and more people are working online, especially since Coronavirus, and it can be a great way for you to make money, So if you are looking for virtual assistant jobs for beginners, you have arrived at the right place.

There are many virtual assistant jobs for beginners, but usually the pay can be quite low, from as little as $3 an hour. While this amount may suit some people, depending where they live in the world, it’s not an amount that is sustainable for most people.

Even if you are able to receive an hourly rate that you enjoy and feel valued with, you are only being paid by the hour, and there are only so many hours in the day.

An alternative solution used by many VAs and not just virtual assistants for beginners, is to be paid a commission. However, you will either need to enjoy being a sales person, which many people do not like, or you can become an affiliate, which is much easier to do, and you can work in your spare time.

At the Hero Success Channel we want to help the wider community reach their own personal goals, and therefore we have created an affiliate program. It might not be the ideal solution for you, but we do offer 50% commissions on most of our products and services. In addition to providing free content for people to watch through our TV channel, we also run programs to help coaches develop their businesses, so they can reach out to more people – and help with healing.

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