How much does life coach make

Yes, we know there is a typing error in the title, it ought to tead how much does a life coach make? But people don’t search for that phrase lol. Anyway, we are here to help you earn at least $200 an hour.

How much does life coach make

Your short answer is $200 an hour, that's xhat many will charge and in this article we will show you how to make that money

We are going to start with a big mistake nearly all coaches make, and that’s trying to heal everyone. Yes if you have the skills of a life coach can you help virtually anyone? Yes you can, but at the same time you will help no one because he wants a “generalist” to solve their issues? Everyone wants an expert.  It’s like this, imagine you are struggling to parent your 7year old son, do you go to a life coach or a parenting coach? The truth of the fact is this, a parenting coach will be a life coach, but they are taking a closer interest with parenting. Consequently, they are instantly perceived as being more knowledgable, and they will receive the inquiries. So “How much does life coach make”? When they niche, they can easily earn $200 an hour because people will pay good money to have their serious problems solved.

Hoh much do coaches make a month?

How much coaches make a month are going to depend on a few factors. How many hours do they want to coach a week? How will they find their clients? A coach charging $200 an hour only needs to work 10 hours a week in oder for the coach to make $100,000 a year, that’s not bad going. But the coach will probably have to spend another 10 hours a week marketing, and perhaps another 3 hours a week making discovery calls. You have got to have discovery calls or you’ll never make a cent.

What are discovery calls and how do they make a coach money?

The term discovery calls is coaching language for “sales call” but there’s a twist. Most coaches don’t like the idea of making sales calls, yet to make a great sales call you must have the ability to ask great questions. Here’s the irony, coaches, well good coaches, ask great questions. Anyway, life coaches call these introductory calls, discovery calls and it allows them to understand the problem. If the value of the services outweigh the cost of the problem, you’ll have yourself a customer.

Say that again...about value - how do coaches make their money???

It’s like this. Someone has a problem, we’ll call him David as that’s my name and I have used life coaches many times. David tells the life coach his problem. The life coach asks questions to understand the cause, the pain, the fall out, the future and how much this is hindering David. The coach then gives David a price. Let’s say 10 sessions for $2000. David now has to ask himself, is it worth paying to overcome this problem? And that’s how coaches make good money


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